Muzvare Betty Makoni

Muzvare Betty Makoni
CNN Hero and Decade Child Rights Hero

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Girls Education Seminar in Cork City -One of its kind

Last week I was in Cork City and went with my Royal Sister Princess Deun.So excited were we on the way and what a great exciting time we had with Women of Love International.Esse Agesse is a woman of passion.She has put her whole in ensuring that she supports girls education.No doubt about that.By the way Girls Education seminar is now in its second year.It is not one of those big events organised by millionaires.Not at all and not one of us women would be one anywhere!!! Oops why am I thwarting dreams and aspirations like this? All I want to say is that Girls Seminar is quite at grassroots level. It is mainly women from Nigeria with grand ideas of mobilising communities to give.From the way I have learnt so far yes we come from same continent but women from Nigeria have worked their way to their empowerment handbags.They are such hard workers. Esse Agesse the founder member of Women of Love International speaks through song.When she sings her words translate into action.Here I am not trying to flatter anyone.Am now her biggest fan.According to what I heard she was in fact like Brenda Fascia of South Africa.She has the voice ... Then speakers came. Quite great a presentation from Plan International Because Am a girl campaign.Their Director of Fundraising walked us through their work to protect girls and support education.It was very professional.I like it when people keep such matters professional and not emotional.Good lesson for me indeed. Then all high profile speakers including the Outing Ambassador of Nigeria who called for Nigerians to unite and shun tribalism, then Minister of Education who walked us through his passionate work on girls education, then it was the Lord Mayor forget whether Lord male or female this Mayor is female - a powerful woman who spoke for a few minutes and filled room with activism. I thought she should be President instead I then spoke.You can see I have started a new paragraph as I don't want to be a spoiler to the great professionals above.I shared stories of how even bacteria could not eat me because poverty had taught me to kill it.Everyone burst out laughing.Hey great people why laugh when am speaking.Seious when I said men should come to us older women for marriage instead of stalking babies and toddlers .... The comedian who flew all the way from I Nigeria just to support is quite witty.He cracked some great jokes on gender and all I know about him is that he is witty.Always being a comedian requires high degree of intelligence.Our comedian is one with jokes that stay permanently and them you laugh when you need them.There are comedians whose jokes goes like ptu and once said it is gone. Last but not least we had the Chair of the Nigerian community in Cork City coming to give vote of thanks.He is a great man and I have seen him helping out with all his heart. So this is how we are organising mobilising our communities to make a change Be hold as I go take all the correct names -I hate to misspell. ..

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