Muzvare Betty Makoni

Muzvare Betty Makoni
CNN Hero and Decade Child Rights Hero

Monday, 24 August 2015

My leadership is stronger with Trustees, Donors and Volunteers- An Invitation To Donor Appreciation Day 29 August 2015

I started Girl Child Network in my home country at age 25. Of course as I matured my leadership also matured. However, one thing I would never stop doing even as a girl who survived on a scholarship from Roman Catholic is to stop expressing gratitude. No matter how big or small someone gives you, their generosity makes your life easier. So my song as a girl was on thank you sister. The same song I have taken to my leadership at global level. Not many girls come back to say thank you but am so sure their current positive stories are songs of gratitude. Therefore on 27 August, I have decided to have first ever meeting with trustees, donors and volunteers just to spend some quality time together. Its not a very big forum. Just 20 or less than leaders and philantropists. I like face to face meetings. This one is unique because everyone brings something to share. I am so excited and below is the formal invite and more details. Girl Child Network Worldwide invites you all to a day of inspiration where those making the most contribution to the charity meet to share and help develop the charity further. The number of individuals signing up to donate at least £3 monthly is rising daily and therefore we feel we have to meet at least once a year to know you better and to hear from such extraordinary individuals. Yes we receive your donation but we also value building lasting relationships with you all. It is vital to find time and space to keep each other well informed about the charity and how you can support further. On the day we expect to present our annual report and progress and allow feedback and comments from our donors, volunteers and trustees. Each one present will be given a platform to speak, make contributions and help shape mission and vision of Girl Child Network Worldwide. We value feedback from our donors, trustees and volunteers. This is a special day we set aside to meet and talk and strategise. It is a ‘bring and share’ day and please bring any drink or food to share with others. Please bring a friend too. Family members are welcome. Girls who want to join Girl Child Network Worldwide as members and for future training are also welcome. Time: 11am to 4pm Venue: Basildon Enterprise Centre, 33 Nobel Square, SS13 1LT, Basildon Please if you wish to be part of this great day, do not hesitate to contact us and confirm attendance on 07951522790 or email us on New donors, volunteers and trustees will be officially welcomed on the day and asked to share about their future aspirations with the charity. Muzvare Betty Makoni On behalf of Girl Child Network Worldwide

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