Muzvare Betty Makoni

Muzvare Betty Makoni
CNN Hero and Decade Child Rights Hero

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Fifty Global Awards make Muzvare Betty Makoni the most honoured woman globally so far

By Nicole-Just a friend
It is not meant to start a competition at all. It is said that when you do charitable works you give it all emotionally and physically.However, the world does not just watch when someone does good, the world rewards, encourages and supports. The good global villages gives constructive criticism when needed. The life of Muzvare Betty Makoni is worth talking about and its worth emulating. She told me every award she received was a unique experience to get more support in order to support other girls.All awards money was used to build four Girls Empowerment Villages in Zimbabwe.Before Muzvare built her home, she poured over $200 000 of award money and post award donations into eduaction of girls many of who are now top professional women leaders. The story which is all contained in her Autobiography, Never Again is a must to read. Congratulations Muzvare and please share my post with many out there that you worked and got rewarded but you took all rewards to invest in marginalised girls. Look where they are now and something I personally would never do. I am inspired.
50. Image Maker of Africa-The Voice Achievers Award-2015 49. Top 100 Most Influential Africans in UK-2015 48. The Winners Achievers Award-Winners Network Team 47. African Women in Europe 2015-Winner, Switzerland 46. Special Award from Disabled International-2015 45. Global Peace Award- World Congruence-2015, India 44. Lift Effects Star Award-2015 43. Women of Love International Award for supporting Girls Education, Ireland -2014
42. Women4Africa Recognition Award-2014 41. DIVA of Colour-Woman of Honour-2014 40. Top 12 List of African Caribbean Women in UK -Afro News 2013 Read more Click here 39. Profile Courage Award by National Black Crown Prosecution Association of UK-2013 38.Selected and Featured in the South African Legacy project for the most influential role models in the world young people should emulate and learn from 37. BEFFTA Humanitarian Award -UK 36. Friends of Africa Hall of Fame- Canada, 2013
35. Crowned Mother and Leader of African Princesses by Her Royal Highness Princess Deun Adedoyin Solarin, UK, 2013 34. Ambassador of Peace Award-Women Peace Federation 2 December 2012 33. Life Achievement Award-Africa Community in Scotland-November 2012 32. Zimbabwe International Performers Alliance Global impact award- 2012 31. Fest Africa global Humanitarian award- Washington DC 2012 30. Winner African Goddess Award in Washington DC —2012 29. Women for Africa Humanitarian award -2012-UK 28. Newsweek Named Betty Makoni as among 150 women who shake the world-2011
27. Awarded African Achievers Award-UK May 2011 26. Honorary Award from Duke University of Medicine (Top Ten US College)-2011 25. Decade Child Rights Hero by the World Children’s Prize alongside Graca Machel and Nelson Mandela—Sweden—2010 24. Interaction (Network of USA Non Profits) Humanitarian Award 2010 23. The Women in Film and Television Awards-Los Angeles—USA 22. My Hero`s project-featured for best practice in inspiring children round the globe 21. CNN Heroes award for Protecting the Powerless-2009 honoured by Sir Richard Benson and UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman. Interviewed by Anderson Cooper.
20. Giraffe Heroes Project Award 2009 –Read More here 19. Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award from the Dalai Lama—2009 18. Honorary award for protecting girls—Defence for children International Canada 2008 17. Amnesty International Ginetta Sagan Award for women and children’s rights, USA May 2008 16. Elected Ashoka fellow-—Global leading Social Entrepreneurs in recognition of creative and Entrepreneurial leadership and commitment to make large scale changes in Society 15. Drivers of Change Award—Southern Africa Trust 2007 14. Women Empowerment Award 2007 13. Runner Up-Director of the Year Award for NGO sector in Zimbabwe-2008 12. Finalist One World Person of the Year 2007 11. One of the Ten Outstanding young people in the World by Junior Chamber International a worldwide leadership organization for young leaders and professionals
10. Voted First out of Ten Outstanding Young in Zimbabwe 2007 the Junior Chamber Zimbabwe 9. Awarded Global Vote and Global Child Rights winner by World Children`s Prize in Sweden 8. Awarded by the World Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child the Global Friends Award—2007 World Children’s Prize an equivalent to Nobel Prize for Children in 2007 in a Global Vote by 5, 2 million children in 85 countries 7. Awarded the Zimbabwe Institute of Management National Contribution Award in 2007 immense contribution to the nation 6. The United Nations Red Ribbon Award—2006 for addressing gender inequalities that fuel the HIV/AIDS epidemic 5. Hafkin Prize Award Finalist, 2003 4. Creativity in Rural Life Award by the Women’s World Summit Foundation, Switzerland 2003. Prize Betty Makoni for Prevention of Child Abuse now Renamed Prize for Prevention of Child Abuse is celebrated on 19 November annually Click here 3. Small Technical Grant Award for the most innovative Grassroots Community Based Strategy
2. Certificate of Honour by Global Philanthropy Forum for being the most remarkable person, USA 2002 1. Officially installed and bestowed the birth title Muzvare by King and Chief of Makoni tribe and was hereby given to preside over Chitsotso Mountain which is a sacred mountain of Makoni tribe where over 30 000 princesses of the tribe are buried. She was also given the biggest treasure Gomo ReMhanda where the fiercest battle between Makoni and Mutasa was fought. This is symbolic of her peace and love of her people. Muzvare`s first award as a true modern working and African humanitarian Princess was given by her own people and true to the word she has lived up to the legacy of rebuilding a girls empowerment centre. Conferred with Muzvare-Her Royal Highness and given a sacred royal shrine- Chitsotso to preside over and protect all girls in Zimbabwe and beyond. Her portrait picture is first to receive owner to be in Women as Role Models Museum of Achievements-2001

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