Muzvare Betty Makoni

Muzvare Betty Makoni
CNN Hero and Decade Child Rights Hero

Friday, 16 September 2011

My story as a girl who transformed from victim to leader should inspire the world to help more African girls

I am blogging to show the world the poorest and most oppressed girls in Africa can make it if we keep support and if we station ourselves at their doorsteps and help them access help they need. Thats what happened with me- I got to a school without school fees in 1986 but insisted I had no money but the brains. They allowed me in and was given a bursary scheme where I worked for my school fees. I sacrificed every holiday when as a girl 13 by then would have loved to go out play and do parenting of myself. My mother died when I was nine and I had many siblings to look after as well as ensuring am educated. Many girls find themselves in such situations in Africa and so after my graduation at University of Zimbabwe I set out to start a girls club at a school and it is now a global movement of girls everywhere with many women and girls starting similar girls empowerment projects. I see the work I started flourishing in every continent now.

I started Girl Child Network in 1998 together with my A level students at high density suburb in Chitungwiza Zimbabwe. To rise above patriarchy was no mean achievement. Today am here to announce our activism did not end in class. I am now leading the organisation at global level. It has not been easy. This blog will allow me to keep in touch with all my fans and to share those aspects of my work that were best practice, my trial and tribulations as well as to show that no matter what situation challenges you in life never seize to be a hero and be a zero. No matter what happens to me

I keep going as work to empower girls is not a job but a calling that I feel within me daily. I also set to correct a lot of misinformation that is being posted on the internet about my work. Many times we let others write or speak on our behalf when we are empowered to do so. There are so many great things that happened during the course of my work and am hoping to share widely so that those replicating my model are inspired.

There is so much good that comes out when you transform from a victim of rape and once a child laborer and vendor into a leader and when you transform from a classroom teacher into a global activist. This blog will share bits of it. My book is about to come out and hoping the world will understand what it means to be an African girl, mother, wife, aunt, leader, foster mother, sister, teacher and woman. I am here to inspire and to keep showing the world that efforts to donate to poor girls in Africa do not go in vain. Look what I have become. A leader in girls empowerment and so do not tire in your efforts to help girls and liberate them from harmful cultural practices and support them in their education. I work for Girl Child Network Worldwide and I am helping other African girls in the same way I was helped .I welcome those who believe in me and know that I mean it and I want to do something to stay close and help wherever and with whatever they can

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