Muzvare Betty Makoni

Muzvare Betty Makoni
CNN Hero and Decade Child Rights Hero

Friday, 20 April 2012

Obert Mazivisa uses his talent in gospel music to give poor children a future

I met Obert Mazivisa on stage last year when he performed in Bristol. I was so moved and touched with his music. I spoke briefly at that event. Then later like I always do I had a one on one chat with Obert.

He told me my speech had touched him so much. He is one of those rural boys who had the brains but no money. He had his vision to help rural children. He told me one day he would do a small Foundation to give to the children. I kept his words and I was equally touched he could sing to give something to a child who has nothing.

When I saw his Foundation Give a Future announced on Facebook as hosting this charity concert I told myself I would go and support but he really wanted me to speak.

Below are more details which you are free to share about this work Obert Mazivisa has started in UK to help children who are deprived. Imagine if each one of us uses their talents to make the lives of children better, this would be a better place for children.

This is to thank Stephanie Chiyangwa for inspiring me with her work to support Obert Mazivisa.

Give A Future Charity Concert” was founded by Obert Mazivisa in September 2011. This charity was birthed from the dreams and passion to see every child getting an opportunity to learn. Initially this charity will support children with great potential at Nyamhara Primary School, Gokwe, in Zimbabwe by paying their school fees. Obert did his primary school at that local village school and his parents struggled to pay for his school fees, so he understands the difficulty for both children and their parents.

For this good cause, Trumpet Echoes Music has organised an Annual Gospel Music Concert (Praise & Worship), where Obert Mazivisa will be joined by his friends in music industry. As they lead us into some Zimbabwean style Praise & Worship with songs in 3 main languages in Zimbabwe Shona, Ndebele, and English. We will also have some UK based Zimbabwean Leading Spiritual personalities leading us into prayers and some encouraging and inspiring speeches for our beloved country, as we Celebrate the Zimbabwean Independence Day.
Please come to Dance, Praise, and Worship to Give A Child A Future.
£10 donation is the entry fee, enough to pay school fees for one child per term. Any donations of more than £10 and other educational materials for primary school children e.g. papers, pencils, pens, paints and puzzles are more than welcome. With your support and generous donations, it would be possible to give some children a future through their education.

THE CONCERT IS SCHEDULED FOR FRIDAY THE 20TH OF APRIL 2012, 6pm till 10pm, Forward In Faith Ministries International, Swindon Assembly, Cranmore Avenue, Swindon, SN3 2EE

Leading in Worship that night will be a number of seasoned worshippers from Zimbabwe


Guest Speaker Forward In Faith Ministries Int North London Provincial Overseers Gerald Vhevha (Prophet Simba)

Guest Speaker: Betty Makoni. Chief Executive Officer at Girl Child Network Worldwide

Obert Mazivisa
Khamani Crew
Anotida Nduna
Emily Changa
Pelagia Mutake aka Miss Dynamite

The Concert will be Hosted by Stephanie Chiyangwa founder of Help Us Help Ourselves Charity Organization.

Make your donation to “Give A Future Charity Concert 2012” at, but if you want to donate more than £10 contact us.

Contact Obert Mazivisa
Trumpet Echoes Music
Tel: 0208 133 1157, 07966701141

The countdown is finally over TONIGHT Friday 20 April 2012 we gather together to CELEBRATE and PRAY for our beloved mother land ZIMBABWE and also raise money to Give A Future to some children by paying school fees for them. 6PM till 10PM, Forward In Faith Ministries International, Swindon Assembly, Park South Community Centre, Cranmore Avenue, Swindon, SN3 2EE. United Kingdom. SEE YOU THERE!!!

I asked my son Mukudzeishe who collects coins for his big christian organisation to give me so that I donate on his behalf to Give a Future tonight. He gave me 4 pounds and said thats what he has given he is not in work hahhaha this child talks like an adult. He told me he wishes Obert Mazivisa II well and that he will keep collecting coins and send to him. He will tell other boys to do so...Muku said since am targeting the girls he will target the boys...fair enough my son and when do you start working

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