Muzvare Betty Makoni

Muzvare Betty Makoni
CNN Hero and Decade Child Rights Hero

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sworn In, Stay Strong Her Excellency Joyce Banda-Poem by Betty Makoni

This is the first time in history especially in Southern Africa that we see a woman taking all of us in her hands . Motherhood is so key in leadership. Once a mother is not well supported children crumble. We are here to celebrate Her Excellency Joyce Banda and support her till Malawi becomes prosperous. We know she can do it . We know she has done it before in the many projects she founded and managed. In order for a leader to succeed she needs support. I wrote this poem so that she knows that we are happy and to wish you well. This is the first time I have written a poem to a Head of State and hopefully one day she will read it. This is all I can give- a poem to encourage.

Sworn In, Stay Strong Her Excellency Joyce Banda-Poem by Betty Makoni

When in centuries men Heads of States
When Heads worked as Heads, no legs, no arms-just Heads
When they end headless with hellish headlines
When daily they be heads of families
Heads of schools and heads of departments
Heads of me and heads of you
Then today the heads have to be feet
Then the feet be the heads, one of which you are
Like them men your head not your feet is sworn in
A leader with a Head you are sworn in
Not a woman only but like them, Head of State with status
Sworn In, Stay strong Her Excellency

Sworn in to children malnourished, no food for years
Sworn in to a moneyless reserve, no reservoir
Sworn in to street kids with only streets to call home
Sworn in to grannies with all sick orphans
Sworn in to unemployed youth with only skill to rob
Sworn in to young women roaming brothel to brothel
Sworn in to rural women invisible and invincible
Sworn in to corrupt system, rotten, so stinking
Sworn in to poverty, empty shops and empty fuel stations
Sworn in to stationed brains, no breakthroughs
Sworn in to bullies and those who know it all
Sworn in to challenges, championing them all
Sworn in, Stay Strong Her Excellency

Never be swerved to direction with no people
Never be shaken or shocked by empty vessels making loudest sounds
Never be swayed in resolution or revolution
Never be shoved in principle or parameters
Never shiver or shrink with threats or tricks
Never in their shambles take solace
Never in their cents with no sense
Never in a syndrome to mourn and not move
Never even in dependency a disease viral in Africa
Never beg in a bowl a bad habit inherent
Sworn in, stay strong Her Excellency

Sworn in to pronounce peace and prosperity to Malawi
Sworn in to us motherless children of Africa
Sworn in with MOTHERLY touch, the only hand to move Southern Africa
Sworn in to wipe streams of tears which no father dared to
Sworn in to hold for no mother will let her own die
Sworn in to reinstate MOTHERHOOD, uprooted for long
Sworn in for positive role modelling, boys and girls to see and transform
Sworn in for those who lived as ZEROES and now will be HEROES
Sworn in for values of love, family, work, life
Sworn in for widows, single parents and the handicapped
Sworn in for every tribe, every race, every class and every religion
Sworn in even for those in opposition and still opposing
Sworn in, anointed divine intervention in Southern Africa
Sworn in for them in neighbouring homelands cry day and night
Sworn in for healing, reconciliation, restoration
Sworn in with divine anointment and appointment
Sworn in, stay strong Her Excellency
Congratulations Her Excellency Joyce Banda

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