Muzvare Betty Makoni

Muzvare Betty Makoni
CNN Hero and Decade Child Rights Hero

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Empowerment books help girls reach the top-Betty Makoni

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe reports that Betty Makoni`s newly published book is now with girls in Zimbabwe thanks to an anonymous donor who delivered some copies there. More girls in other African countries will also receive copies of this book.

Below is what Betty feels about giving a girl a self empowerment kit like a book. It is not like a million dollars.

According to Betty Makoni, Give a girl sweets and they leave her teeth rotten. Give her sex and it leaves her pregnant .Give her a donation and she develops a donor dependency syndrome. I give her an empowerment book and that is a self guide tool to ladder of empowerment. She climbs up and not down. A book is not a perishable. I would not publish a book if it was a perishable like everything you buy weekly. I know those buying it need not a refrigerator to store it as it is stored in a girl`s mind and it keeps her empowered. It is like renewable energy-long term, clean and forever there.
Give a girl a book and not a baby- Betty Makoni speaking at girls conference in London

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